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Gluten free APA w/ rice, oats, millet and teff.

Last bottle of this split batch! It's the first batch I brewed with the digiboil electric brew kettle (for mashing and boiling, now a dozen brews deep) and also the last batch before a recirculator pump, 2 major changes. I've made so many process upgrades since this brew, including fresher hops, temperature ramping at the end of fermentation, and using yeast to rid the brew water of oxygen. But it's good, owing mostly to the Belgian yeast providing so much ester, and the quality malt, the MO and the Dark Munich, contributing so much malt flavor. Will make again.
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I really like it, malty (but not overly so) with some really nice toasty notes on the finish. Slight sweetness that was balanced well by the hops! Stands up very well on its own, I recommend it big time. I’ve done a dunkel with like 97% barke munich, this with 100% barke Vienna, next should be a 100% barke pils to complete the package.