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Oct 29, 2007
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Austin, Texas
Hello.. All.

I am on a short vacation with the SWMBO in the Big Easy.

On our way here we stopped at the Abita Brew Pub.

Great place. Decent food (hey I am from Baton Rouge and I judge a little harshly.

Anyway.. I just to drinking Abita when I went to LSU and it was a decent beer but nothing "awesome" some brews I liked --- the wheat for example others I though were too much of a novelty. Purple Haze for example.

Anyway... they have a couple of new brews since the last time I have been there.

The most interesting is called ANDYGATOR - They had it listed as a barley wine. It is high in Alcohol but it did not taste like other barley wines I have had - but who knows. Great flavor not hoppy - but a great finish It went down nice and easy.

On a quick side note - I am more of a pale ale dude .. not a huge HOPPY dude.. I can and like Stone but Arogant bastard is beyond what I like - I use these as a frame of reference not trying to single out one beer out.

Then I had the Restoration Pale Ale.
Wow. Easy drinking - now is it a big pale ale? Not at all. Smooth and easy to drink. I really dig it and I am drinking one now. just enough bitter without a bite. And it has a little sweetness of the malt. Great balance. It is more in line with Ed's Pale - but a little different flavor. But the Cascades on both Ed and this one are similar - in my opinion.

Now I am writing this all up for a big review or trying to pose as a "reviewer"

What I am hoping is some of your "pros" have maybe had this beer? And could help be make a recipe. This is the type of beer I would love to be my HOUSE brew.

I was not there durning a time when they were offering tours or I would have grilled the brew guy with questions.

They list a grain listing on the site but not in proportions. I guess I could just start trying it out and see if I can get it close.
Here is what they list.
English Pale
Crystal and Cara Pils malted barley

Any insight would be great.

Thanks again.

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