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New York New MW102 PH Meter + Storage Solution + Hydrion Buffer Set for Calibration - $120

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Dec 7, 2009
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*** SOLD ***

I have the following that I've recently purchased. Everything is brand new, never used and was purchased a few months ago (I can provide receipts to the buyer if it will help). I am selling these items because money is tight.

Milwaukee MW102 PH Meter - See here: Amazon
Milwaukee MA9015 Storage Solution 230 ml - See here: Amazon
Micro Essential Labs Hydrio Tri-Check Buffer Set (4, 7, 10 ph) capsules. Makes 100 mll for each capsule and there are 10 of each capsule. - See Here: Amazon

Everything is brand new. I did open the box of the mw102 meter to look at it, but I've never used it. I did inspect the electrode (as I've heard they sometimes are shipped and the solution is gone). The electrode is stored properly and does contain liquid in the storage container. I've never opened it, but it's clear and I can see the liquid in there.

If you bought it all on amazon, the price would be - 105 + 15 + 30, so $150 or so.

Will sell for $120 shipping included to the lower 48 states. I accept paypal for payment. I'm in the syracuse, NY area if anyone wants to do a local pickup.

I will post a picture when i get home from work.

Thanks for your interest.

*** SOLD ***
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