New member in rural WA.

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Garage Brewer

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Jun 7, 2024
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Rural western WA
Hi all. Another tech guy from WA here. I did one of those Mr. Beer kits about nine years ago and thought it was fun. Wanting to expand, I built some plastic bucket 5 gal fermenters and upgraded to a big steel pot kettle. My second child was born shortly after and I dropped brewing as other life obligations took priority.
I recently saw a video for the Anvil Foundry 10.5 gal brewing system and it reminded me how much fun I had with brewing (for the short time I was doing it). So ... I ordered the Anvil, carved out some space in the corner of the garage, and I'm ready to get back into it.
I live in a pretty rural part of WA and I don't know anyone else into brewing, so I came here to learn from the community.
Welcome to our forums!
Have you brewed all-grain before? If not, you'd want to study up on that.
Thanks IslandLizard. I haven't done all-grain before, which is one reason I figured coming here would be a good idea. I have a 5gal LME pack I'm going to try in the Anvil first (since that's the only brewing I've ever done). After that, I Have a five gallon Rogue IPA kit I'm going to give a try (after doing a lot of reading here). I want to get into all-grain and understand the brewing process better, but I'm starting off slow.