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Jun 3, 2024
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Cumbria, England
Hi there forum!

Absolutely loving this new hobby. Been going for a couple of years. Love reading the posts but thought I'd dive deeper and use the forum more proactively.

I've got myself a little garage 5 gallon electric all grain setup in Cumbria (borders Scotland) and have been trying a variety of styles, been going for about 18 months. Love it!

I bottle the beer, and after fixing it, have used a pressure barrel for more English type ales. Still very much learning. Follow the usual suspects on YouTube and so on for ideas. Enjoy loads of beer styles especially proper cask ale in the pubs, as well as hop forward modern styles. Best so far has been a hefeweizen, a best bitter and some decent pale ales, though I think I'm under hopping them..

Will be using the forum for a few questions about kit, new styles and other technique stuff.

Cheers everyone!

Welcome to the group!

There's a UK group too, not as large as HBT. You might find someone close to you on the UK site. You'll definitely get lots of useful advice here too.