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Jan 9, 2009
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Chicago, Illinois
So I found a Magic Chef MCBR465S at home depot on clearance for $149. Bought it, brought it home and tried to fit the home brew kegs. Was quite dissappointed. They didn't fit.

After much thought about whether to take it back or how I could get it to work, I decided (after taking a bunch of measurements) to just tear it apart and hopefully it would work.

I cut out the molding on the door which gave me enough depth and had to cut out some of the side panels. Its now a perfect fit, although I'm still waiting for the co2 tank to see if that fits too. It should but it will be close.

I saw a few posts that compared it to the sanyo 4912 (I think that was the model #) and whether or not you'd hit freon lines cutting into the top. I didn't do the cornstarch/alcohol test and just chanced it. Cut a home just far enough back so my drip tray wouldn't hang off the front. I just drilled a 1/4 hole all the way through being real careful. Used a dremel to cut away the plastic top and just picked away at the insulation. Worked perfect.

Anyways, just thought I'd share this with everyone. With a bit of work, this model is perfect. I'll try and get pics up asap.

I uploaded the pics to my profile photos for now. Will try and get them in the post soon.