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Feb 22, 2023
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Hi everyone,
I live in Bangkok, and I was just given a Mr. Beer kit to start my home brewing adventure. I know this kit is a very simple start to home brewing. I am hoping to learn and move up and expand from here. Looking forward to learning from all of you. Hopefully some people can share some beginner recipes that are 2 gallons where I can use the Mr. Beer kit.
Hi Micheal,

Mr. Beer is a common gateway drug into the world of home brewing! Now you're hooked!

I started with a Mr. Beer kit that my wife bought for my birthday.... After 3-4 Mr. Beer kits, I move on to 5 Gallon extract batches. Then after 3-4 of those, I moved on to all-grain BIAB.


There is much accumulated knowledge here, with many people eager to share their wisdom...
I haven't started my first batch yet and I already feel hooked.
Just getting prepared as Thailand is very warm I am already have a fridge temp controller. Just looking for a used fridge to set up my fermentation "chamber".
You should manage
I'm also in a hot climate and it is doable. Cooling the wort can be an issue, but there are ways around it. Check for "no chill" cooling ;)
Excellent. I have been doing allot of ready, seems like this should work at least to get started.
Ice is super cheap so I am sure I can create some type of chiller when the time comes
Welcome to the madness we call a hobby. You're on a slippery slope into the rabbit hole of self gratification brewing beverages that excite your taste buds and your mind. Go ahead jump in, get started and see how fast you learn and enjoy making and sharing your creations with family and friends. Everything you need to know can be found here from ingredients, processes and equipment. Enjoy your journey and RDWHAHB.