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Jan 22, 2023
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New Jersey
Hi all

I am very new to kombucha brewing, but I know it is something I want to continue and I was looking to start upgrading my equipment.

I am currently using 1 gallon pickle jars and I have been seeing two options for larger fermenters that seem interesting. Both types are glass and will have stainless spigots.

One option is basically a larger version of the pickle jar. Some of them are round and others are square. The other option I am looking at is basically a glass cylinder. It has a wide opening without the tapering of a glass jar for the lid. I have included pictures of both types.

The main question is there any advantage to either designs. I am leaning to the cylinder shape since it has the wider opening for greater O2 access and maybe a larger SCOBY formation? It also seems easier to access SCOBY for removal and cleaning of the whole system. Comes in 2 and 3 gallon sizes.

Final part is size of vessel. Is there a negative to buying a larger vessel and not filling entirely? So if I have a 3 gallon and I only fill to 2 gallon is there a problem with that much headspace in the primary?

Thank you very much for your heal and any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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