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Sep 2, 2007
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Covington GA
When I got my kegerator it had a bunch of crappy looking faucet handles on it. Most of them are still there, but I'm gonna be working on replacing all of them. Here's the first one so far. I still need to make some sort of sign for it so I know what it's gonna pour. The 420 is an old Miller handle, I bought a keg of sweetwater and taped the keg cap onto it. I trimmed the edges off it and it fit just right. I got some rootbeer kegged today and I'm gonna make a handle from the branch of a tree, I may even cut it off my sassafras tree in the yard. I have a full sail ale clone almost ready to keg and I may call it a Beach Wood Ale and use a piece of driftwood for the handle. I've got my Cranberry Brown Ale hooked up to the lighthouse. I forced carbed it on Friday and I'm getting too much foam. I've been releasing the pressure then I'm gonna do what I should have to begin with, 12 pounds for a week then drink.



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