Tennessee New Breed of Festival/Comp - $10,000 in cash prizes!

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Jan 8, 2014
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The Hoppy Possum Southern Brewers Cup is unlike most beer festivals, here, home brewers are the stars. We invite all amateur brewers to enter for your chance at $10,000 in cash prizes. Entry is open to anyone (except those who produce alcoholic beverages in a commercial setting). The only cost is your beer and your time.

There is just one week left to apply! Anyone interested in a beer festival and comp experience unlike any other, apply today! All the info is at www.hoppypossum.com/competition

Complete contest rules and eligibility can be found at https://www.hoppypossum.com/rules

The 2020 Hoppy Possum is open to just 75 brewers.

No professional brewers will be allowed to compete. Anyone working for a commercial producer of alcoholic beverages who’s job duties include any aspect of production, will not be permitted to compete.

Each brewer must serve beer/mead/cider of their own creation

10 gallons of each entry is required

Brewers are allowed up to three entries

For every entry, the brewer will receive one complimentary ticket to the festival

The top five beer entries will be determined by popular vote. Those top five entries will move on to a final judging panel to determine winners. No style guidelines, no BJCP judges, just your beer up against that of your peers.

First place $5,000

Second place $1,600

Third place $800

Fourth place $400

Fifth place $200

The top three non-beer entries will be determined by popular vote. Those top three entries will move on to a final judging panel to determine winners.

First place $1000

Second place $700

Third place $300

Brewers who wish to participate in the 2020 Hoppy Possum: Southern Brewer Cup must complete an online application. Applications to compete/serve are being accepted now through April 3, 2020. Submit your application for the 2020 Hoppy Possum at https://www.hoppypossum.com/brewer-app . All entries will be processed electronically. No brewer is approved to serve at the Hoppy Possum until they receive email confirmation that their application has been approved. Applications will be approved at the sole discretion of event organizers. By participating, the brewer agrees to be fully unconditionally bound by these rules.