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Jan 20, 2007
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Spruce Grove Alberta
Well My Stock is depleting quickly. I have 17 Empty cases all washed and ready to go, I am thinking that summer is coming quickly, so I better start brewing here pretty quick.

My Apfelwein aging experiment is coming along extremely well. I started it on November 1 of 2007, it has been in the secondary since December 23 of 07, this will be getting bottled on march 1. Now I need a really good beer to fill up the rest of the bottles, let them condition for at least 4 months before I start popping them open and enjoying their goodness.

Last year was my first year of brewing and trying all sorts of different beers and techniques, this year is all about aging and being patient. what are your plans for beer making this year?


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Jul 25, 2006
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State College
PILSNERS!! and a doppelbock and Oktoberfest.

While may basement is still hovering in the low 50's I'm trying to crank out as many lagers as possible. I've got a doppelbock and marzen going now for spring consumption and currently have two pilsners going with at least two more planned, plus a Vienna lager, and a triple batch of Oktoberfest for, well October.
I'll probably start back with some ales mid April or so. Then I'll do one big IPA and at least one pale ale, a kolsch, an alt, and mess around with a couple wheats for my brother-in-law who will be coming home for a visit from Germany.