New bayou burner, new alum. pot. Prep them..?

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Oct 21, 2007
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somewhere east on Cape Cod
I finally got set up, new Bayou burner, and a new aluminum pot.

I seem to vaguely recall something to do with burning off paint off the burner or such..

True? Best method?

Same with the new pot. Should I take steps prior to first use?
Burner - all the paint should burn off the 1st time you use it, so best to do it outdoors.

Pot - I think just boil a full pot of water in it for 1 hr or so to build up that protective layer of oxidization on the Aluminum.

I might be wrong.
Boil water in your new pot for a half hour or so. Do not skip this step! The inside of the pot will discolor. This is a good thing. Don't scrub that layer off. Ever.

As far as the paint burning, just deal with it, but keep a hose or a spray bottle handy to keep it (slightly) under control.