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Sep 24, 2007
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Cincinnati OH
So I decide that this evening would be a great time to break in my newly rebuilt mash tun. It's gonna be a wheat beer I've been formulating for a couple weeks now. I decide to take Jamil's advice on adjuncts and put a pot of water on to boil. The idea is to boil the water, shut off the burner and dump in the wheat, oats, etc. I put a lid on it and go crush grains and measure hops. An hour later, I put some cold water in the tun with the grains and dump the cream of wheat oatmeal in which get's me to right around a 120F protien rest......

Well, the water boiled, and I dumped in the stuff..... and the lights go out. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO! They flicker a little and go out again. Oh, crap, the problem is local and they are gonna be a while fixing it. But what can I do? When the process is started, there's basically no way to bring it to a hault. So I run around the house collecting flashlights and candles. I tape a candle to my baseball hat and press on. Burned the $hit out of my hand with the liquid lava that is oatmeal. Then I realize that I'm gonna have to hand crush 6 pounds of grain:mad: Well at least this is the wheat beer or I'd have to crush twice that amount. Then the second I finish crushing, my arm about to fall off, the lights pop back on. All, well, at least I'm not brewing in the dark anymore

Anyone got a good name for the brew that's trying to kill me?
Oh, Bobby you're a genious. How do I pick one???

BTW it gets better: My newly rebuilt mash tun is leaking. Not a lot, just a tiny tiny drip. My basement floor now has a shiney sticky coating. Plus I'm currently boiling down my first runnings which came out to 4 gallons. Not sure how I screwed that one up... I'm gonna chock it up to not being able to see. The mash tun is dripping, and has dropped to about 155F now. This truly is a nightmare brew
The candle taped to the hat evokes images of dwarves or something, toiling in a mine.

Maybe Shafferpilot and Brewpastor can armwrassle for the name? Or, who wants to pay me to register it with the USPTO? :)

Mines of Moria Wheat
Vein of Gold
Rich Strike
Eureka Wheat

^^^ Playing on the "miner" image suggested by TexLaw.

Tesla's Revenge

^^^ Again with the electrical theme
the_bird said:
I think it's more BP's name for ALL wheat beers....

LOL! Gotcha!

And, Jo3sh, I friggin' love "Tesla's Revenge." Now, there's a name that sounds cool and just about guarantees someone will ask you for the story behind it.