Never had a NEIPA

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It is extra important to find a hazy that is fresh - more important than with a wcipa.
Beer dies from the hops out, and in a hazy that can be a huge character deficit in not a lot of display time.
If you lived up here it'd be cake - I'd send you to any one of our hazy producers like Tree House, Trillium, Night Shift, Worm Town, and on and on...

I can look for cans locally, but for draft, the nearest place on that list is 90 minutes away. Thanks for the effort.

I should add that last night I saw Jai-Alai on tap at a local BBQ, but it was IPA.
I like a good IPA but I still haven't joined the NEIPA/haziest as of yet. To each his/her own but I can't get past the opinion that hazy beer is a defect in the brewing process. We have struggled for 3 decades to perfect a beautiful clear beer. Anything less is IMO is a less than desirable outcome.

Being a part time Florida resident I have my favorite IPAs there. Jia Alia is at the top with Oyster City's IPA bringing up a close 2nd. Then there is little known Idyl Hounds who makes not only an incredible IPA but a very good Pilsner.
Lots of breweries make hazies and they are less then proper. If you get one from the N.E. region you might feel differently. Not that other breweries don't make quality versions but if you had a hazy from somewhere that isn't their forte it likely was subpar.
It's mostly the "you have to buy it and have it shipped to you" thing...


Odd rules here in MN.

A winery can direct ship up to two cases of wine per year for personal consumption, but beer/brewery and liquor/distillery cannot. They have to go through a licensed retailer.
I like the juicy, hazy or NEIPA-types although I don't have any strong recommendations you might find. Place down the road occasionally makes one, example here, but it's only local distribution.


Personally, I got a bit burnt out on the heavy dank, skunky "cat pee on a pine tree" IPAs so I find the juicy hazy, NEIPA style a nice changeup.
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Murky barley-based fruit smoothie cocktails with a weird mouthfeel. Nothing like beer at all. I've tried quite a few with an open mind, but they always remind of vomiting when I was a kid, after eating too many of these. I don't have a problem with them, tbh. Other people do.
What's a good one to try?
Maybe you could work out a swap with one of the good folks here who have access to really tasty fresh ones for something that is good from your local breweries not widely distributed.🍻🍻

edit: I'd volunteer but I don't know what a good NEIPA is.😉
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My store has around 9,000 types of beer, but not one NEIPA in a single. I found Hazy Little Thing and some other hazy Sierra Nevada product, and I think there was one other. I grabbed the Sierra Nevada. Will see what happens.

If it's really sweet, maybe it's an opportunity to get my wife into beer.
I tried Hazy Little Thing. Now I'm here to offend everyone who likes it and provoke hostile comments.

The package I got was dated October, 2023. I have no idea whether this is considered fresh for a hazy IPA.

The smell was wonderful and very intense, although it was more like orange juice than beer. I wondered what kind of hops gave off that aroma, because it seemed like I should use them in wheat beer. The web says it has 6 hops in it. I have no idea how you can make an intelligent choice involving 6 different hops, but I don't know everything.

The taste was also a lot like orange juice. It reminded me of the European soft drink, Orangina. It was sweet, but bearably so. Not terribly bitter.

The main problem I had with it was the aftertastes. More than one. It went down reasonably well, but then I got hit with weird stale and metallic flavors. Maybe that's from extreme dry-hopping? It just seemed off. Like they made a mistake. The aftertastes sort of killed the pleasure I got as I swallowed it. It tastes pretty good, but not fantastic, on the way in. Then you get the bill.

I could see enjoying this to a certain extent if I drank it in a hurry with a big sub or something, but it seems clumsy. Like they went so far with the weird hopping, they ruined it. I would rather have something like Torpedo with a sub. Torpedo doesn't seem to be flawed like this beer.

The wife seemed to like it better than other beers because she hates bitterness. I think the sweetness masked it for her. It is not a great testimony to a beer's quality when my wife likes it.

If I went to a friend's house, and they served this with lunch, I would drink it and be okay with it. It's much, much better than no beer at all. But I am not motivated to drink the remaining 5 cans any time soon. After I had drunk half the can, I really wanted to pour the rest out and pour myself a different beer.

Is it possible they tried to push beer farther than it can reasonably go? Is that why some people don't like this style?

I wouldn't brew something like this for myself, but I could see doing a hazy to get my wife into beer. Maybe sneak some Splenda or something into it. Maybe I could go easier on the dry-hopping to prevent those weird aftertastes.

Or maybe it was just old, and it's supposed to be better than this.