NEIPA turned out cucumbery?

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Apr 17, 2024
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Hey guys, I just kegged my second NEIPA and so far it doesn’t seem to be going as expected. I used the Other Half All Together recipe which is a 2-row & oat base dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, and Mosaic. My first pre-kegged sample smells great, like kiwi, papaya, and then… cucumber. The flavor is remarkably like orange juice and cucumber with some spinach-like notes. It tastes like the green smoothies that I’m given and told they taste exactly the same as a normal smoothie.

I just started doing 2.5gal BIAB batches and am having some growing pains coming from 1gal batches. I tried using a 5gal bucket to mash this time and despite my best insulation the temp dropped pretty quickly. My target FG was 1.020 for some sweetness and body, but it looks like my FG was 1.008, implying the apparent attenuation of the verdant I pitched was an impressive 88%. That was strike one, the beer (albeit a warmish flat sample) is definitely thinner and drier than I wanted.

On my previous NEIPA, I left it in primary for 7 days and even now, a month later, it has this yeast bite that I assume came from my impatience. For this new beer I dry hopped on day 3, just after peak krausen, and then decided to let it sit in primary for a while longer, hoping to avoid a yeasty flavor. I am assuming that I picked up some vegetal flavors from the dry hops over the 18 days they sat in there, but I have read mixed opinions about dry hopping lengths.

Have any of you experienced this? Maybe even done this recipe?
Honestly the cucumber notes would be amazing if it hadn’t ended up being 9% and the orange juice flavor would be fantastic if there were more sweetness and body.
I’m sure if I give it some time it’ll end up being ok, but I definitely missed my target. Any advice?
I have a fun little update…

I had tossed my post-boil hydrometer reading into a mason jar and added the rest of the packet of verdant and the remaining 5g of CTZ because why not. I think the dry hop ratio converts to 5lb/bbl and I had way overpitched the yeast.

I just cold crashed it and carbonated it in my sodastream and it has no business being this delicious. It’s better than the actual batch. It is also very dry and has the mouthfeel and dankness of a WCIPA with the yeast character of a NEIPA.