Need your single tier gas plumbing pics/ideas.

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Aug 3, 2006
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Whitehouse Station, NJ
As you many know, I'm SLOWLY building my single tier stand. It's going to have three burners. The burners will be mounted on a straight piece of angle iron that is going to be run right down the middle and supported on both ends with threaded rod to make the whole assembly height adjustable until I dial in the best height. Each burner will be bolted right to the support bracket.

Oh, in case you don't remember the basic structure:


Of course, in the picture the burners are just conveniently floating.

Obviously I need to make the valves easily accessible from the front of the rig as I have no short term plans of automating. Enough of the chit chat, I need some ideas for keeping the system simple and neat, but functional. Also, long handle ball valves or the stubby ones?
Mine was really easy to build works great. The entire burner system is mounted to the frame with 2 piece 1/2" pipe clamps. I know you've got the support piece in the middle, but there may be a way to work around that. Maybe you could come in at an angle for that one (or all of them for that matter to keep things the same).

Another idea is to use flexible lines since you plan on supporting your burners separately. Then your valve system can be small and you could mount it just about anywhere - kind of like my manifold on the old 3-tier. There's probably a way to modify those flexible hoses to exactly the length you need. I was just too lazy to do it. ;)

I appreciate you doing all of my thinking for me. I'm at that point in the project where I'm tired of engineering everything in my head.

I like both solutions actually. For the fixed one, does there seem to be a possibility of the front pipe rotating from the weight of the burners? It seems like a lot of torque for a friction fit on the straps. Did you put some rubber around the pipe or something to add grip?

When I saw this design earlier, I had some reservations about having the bulk of the assembly outside of the frame, especially in front but now that I think of it, that's where all the valves/thermos and stuff sits on the kegs anyway. It's not like I'm going to belly up to them and need the room. You're right about my center support, I'd just mount that Tee off the main trunk 2" offset since the top elbow will give me left/right pivot to center it under that kettle. I wish I hadn't sold that pipe cutter/threader on craigslist.

On the flexline front, I'd be going super cheap and just use rubber hose and hose barbs since it's just natural gas. An upgrade for me might be to use stainless braided stuff since it's also cheap and has bling factor. The best part of this solution is that I can mount the valves out of the way and tuck the hose tight to the frame. It just doesn't have the same kind of heat resistance that black pipe does. If I had to give the flexline a disadvantage, it would be the slight bottlenecks in hose barbs.

If you want to find the best distance from burner to vessel, temporarily clamp the main gas line to the uprights-the distance should be very similar for each, given the same gas pressure, Tres Keggles, and burner type. When you are happy with that distance or a compromise of the three, then fix the distance with whatever permanent clamping system you prefer. You got them there adjustable clamps- nail it down permanent-like, later.

I dislike hanging the burner form the gas inlet fitting, as these are usually fairly small-and I personally would feel better if they were individually supported underneath; a system that can be added once the correct height is found. ESPECIALLY given the weight of the insert-type nozzle burner that you have...

I rather dislike the plumbing strap, esthetically... :eek: Your call, but a simple welded bracket would appeal to me more...

The uni-mounted system with main black pipe manifold is rugged, cheap, and lends itself to easy mounting methods...

DUDE: never sell tools! As you have found, you will only KICK YOURSELF at some point, later! You will, at some point, use them again!

A horse in the barn, you must feed everyday-a dirt bike only drinks when you use it. Same applies to tools-they take up space, but the alternative to storing them is having to come up with the service they provide-when you need them! Better to store them then wish they were still around.

Dig? :p