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Oct 22, 2016
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Hi all,

I am planning to brew an NEIPA with Lallemand NEIPA dry yeast and following grain bill.

35% Pilsner Malt
35% MO
27% Wheat Malt
3% Honey Malt

The idea is that I will be blending a kettle sour with the NEIPA to drop pH to approximately 3.5. This beer has to be brewed with ingredients that came in a box for a competition.

Here's the hops I have on hand that I would be willing to us:

Cascade: 4oz
Centennial: 4oz
Chinook: 4 oz
Crystal: 4 oz
Ella: 4 oz
Loral: 4 oz
Mandarina Bavaria: 4 oz
Nugget: 4 oz
Mosaic: 4 oz

The hop schedule I came up with so far is as follows. Any advise would be appreciated, lot of nice citrusy hop in the lot but I don't want the beer to be too resiny-piney. I want the aroma to be balanced with tropical flavors. Although, I am concern it might end up in a muddy mess from too many variety. Other alternative would be to stick with centennial/mosaic/mandarina only for a total of 12 oz split for hot side and DH.

Knockout hops:
1 oz chinook (Geraniol)
1 oz nugget (Linalool)
1 oz centennial

Whirpool (170F)
2 oz centennial
1 oz chinook
1 oz loral (lifter hop?)
1 oz mosaic

Dry hop day 3 in keg w/ spunding valve
1 oz centennial
2 oz mandarina bavaria
3 oz mosaic