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Aug 19, 2008
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I am getting ready for our local homebrew competition and need some advise. I don't want to enter an IPA/APA b/c there will be a ton of them. That said, I have the following hops I would like to use:

hops weight ounces
sterling 1.28
magnum 12.5
zeus 7.14
newport 3.57
northern brewer 1.42
cascade 4.28
centennial 2.14
chinook 1.21
summit 1.07
amarillo 6.42

I also have about 15 pounds of Wheat malt, 15 # Pilsner and #3 Honey, but this isn't as important as I can get to the LHBS and pick up what ever I need. So does the collected wisdom of the board have any suggestions for a beer to brew to BJCP guidelines with mostly the above hops in a not too heavily entered competition. BTW the competition is in about a month, so not too much time the get it kegged and bottled. Thanks for any help and if this is in the wrong place, please move it. Thanks



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Jan 14, 2007
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i say brew an american brown ale. i think magnum is a pretty good bittering hop and you're not going to be hopping the crap out of it anyway, then maybe use some cascade for your later additions. i'm sure there some good brown ale recipies in the database and then play around with the hops you have.

the 2nd beer i'd say is a wheat, but i'm not sure what hops you have would be good in a wheat. i think you'd want to stay away from cascade/cent.

also it wouldnt hurt to enter into the IPA/APA, you'd get some great feedback.