Need Live Scoby for starting my new and very first batch of Kombucha

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Jul 1, 2021
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I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has a spare scoby that I can use to start brewing Kombucha tea.. I am a first-timer. Looking forward to getting guidance and help with Kombucha brewing.
You can start a SCOBY from a bottle of raw kombucha bought from the store, but you need to start off small. Grow it in a 32 oz mason jar. 1/2 strong sweet tea/hLf raw booch. Then, after two weeks, when very acidic, transfer to a gallon jar, 3/4 sweet tea and the 32 oz starter. That's how you grow a starter.
Thank you for the advice. But, I have searched both online and in my nearby stores for raw unflavored Kombucha. They don't have any. Hence, I thought of seeking help because I have read that flavored kombucha cannot be used for growing a scoby. Please advise.
Any advice on which is a good source on the internet? I see some options but with bad reviews. I am unable to decide which one would be authentic. Any pointers would help.
I got mine in 2017 from By the by, you don't need a scoby just some raw acidic booch. Go on line for brew clubs in your area and go to a meeting,most likely at least one member will be a booch brewer.

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