Need help with Red Seal Clone recipe

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May 13, 2009
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North Liberty, Iowa
Friend of mine really enjoys Red Seal Ale and wanted to know if I could make a similar recipe. I found an extract conversion and tried using Beer Smith to convert it to all grain but I got an unexpected result.

I know that 1 lb Grain = 0.75 lb LME

The recipe calls for 6.5 lbs LME (light) and 1.0 lbs Wheat LME. Just using the conversion above should yield:

6.5 lbs LME = 8.67 lbs grain. (Which I assume would be Pale Ale malt, but I could be wrong)
1.0 lbs Wheat LME = 1.33 lbs wheat grain.

Beersmith gives me 9.20 lbs Pale Ale and 0.63 lbs wheat. I am thinking that the because I could not find LME (light) in Beersmith for the direct conversion (I used Pale Ale LME) that this might be the source of the difference.

So which set of numbers would be correct?

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