Need Help With CraftBeerPi 3 Configuration

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Dec 14, 2010
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Lamar, Missouri
So here's my issue. I have everything "working", heating elements heat, sensors working, alarm buzzes but I'm struggling with the proper Hardware Settings, logic and Agitators for the Kettles and the proper Type for the Actors. Specifically, I'm having trouble setting up the brewing process with the proper "Type" and Steps/Configurations.

What I am trying to achieve. Pumps will be controlled manually for now.
1. Recirculate water from the Mash Tun through the Hot Liquor Tank to a temperature of 162
2. Alarm Sounds
3. Step Alert - Press next button to continue - Pause the Brewing Process while I add the Grain
4. Recirculate wort from the Mash Tun through the HLT to maintain a temperature of 152 for 60 minutes
5. Alarm Sounds
6. Step Alert - Press next button to continue - Pause the Brewing Process while I sparge and transfer the work to the Boil Kettle
7. Heat Boil kettle to 195 degrees
8. Alarm Sounds and Boil kettle power is reduced to 40%
9. I will manually increase the power until a full boil is reached
10. Resume boil for 60 minutes with timer for hop additions
11. End Brewing Process

Any help or examples of their settings would be greatly appreciated!
Dec 20, 2017
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BC, Canada
I cant help with any of the alarm/pausing parts, but...

#4 - I use the PID Arduino logic to maintain the HLT temp with the HERMS coil in it. There is a PID AutoTune addon to help getting the PID settings

#7/8 - Simple Boil Logic addon - allows you to configure a ramp up power and a boil power. So once it hits your boil temp will switch to the Boil Power %