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Sep 3, 2007
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Planet Neptune / San Diego
This is my first all grain. My computer blocked beersmith. I was hoping to get a free trail to calculate my recipe. Here is what I have going on...
13 # American 2 row
.5 # Crystal 10L
.5 # Crystal 40L
1 # Carapils
What I need to know is mash water temp. I'll be doing 1.25 to 1.50 quarts of water per pound of grain.
I'll be doing a 2 step ( or one ) batch sparge. I need to know the volume and temp. for that also.
I want to boil for 60 min. with an end volume of 5 gal.
Does anyone know where I could find this info tonight or early A.M.? Tomorrow A.M. is brew day I'll be buying beersmith but don't know if I could download or use the software before I brew this. Thanks...I'm at work, that's why I'm blocked out...


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Oct 27, 2008
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mash temp is gonna depend on what characteristics you want from the beer

typical for a bigger beer like that would prob be around 152 or a little lower degrees with sparge at 170. You prob want close to 4.5 gallons in the mash at that grain ratio. Sparge amount is whatever the remainder is that u need to get your pre-boil target.

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