need help to reconstruct a mild recipe

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Jan 22, 2012
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virginia beach
alright, told my wife I was brewing a mild tomorrow and she has poo-pooed the idea. Said she doesnt have any interest in that, wants something hoppy. I told here I would redo the hops to appease her.

Heres my malt bill:
6 lbs Marris Otter
.625 Medium English Crystal
.375 120
.2 English Chocolate
.2 Crisp Brown
007 for yeast

So... I was gonna go with a 60 minute 1 oz addition of EKG.

Here is what I have to use:
1 oz Cent
1 oz chinook
1 oz cascade
1.5 oz nugget
.5 oz columbus

then i have 2 lbs of Chinook, Cascade frozen homegrown and 1 lb centennial.

Fire away. she is a hop head and Im fine with burning up hops, just dont want to drown out what would be a pretty good malt taste.
to clarify, Im not going to use the EKG as my bittering, probably use a half oz of cent at 60. Ill stash the EKG for a brown later this month.
I don't think you can do it without drowning the malt / yeast character. The body of a mild tends to be too light to cope with masses of hops. That said, Brewdog made what they called an Imperial Milds ('llocks!) at below 4% and with masses of hops. I'd try to brew this as it is in secret and brew the hoppy beer later. Or you could add an oz of Cascade to whirlpool, hope you've not ruined it and still not satisfy the missus.
Yeah, I agree, brew a nice Mild for yourself and an IPA for her. Back to back if you can, so they'll be ready at the same time.