Need help step mashing 50% rye

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Mar 31, 2013
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I am planning on brewing a beer with 50% malted rye.
Here is the grain bill for a 2.75g test batch.
3.5Lb Munich
3lb rye
6oz crystal rye.
6.88lb total grain bill.

So what i want to do is a step mash with a 20 min beta glucan rest at 104° then up to 154° for 60 min then mash out at 168°

So far i have this:
Heat 1.75 gallons to 112° and stir to settle at 104°
How do i go up to 154°? The 1.75 gal is 1qt per lb grain and i want to do my sacc rest at 1.5 qt per lb. Do i draw off wort and add water and boil to get up to 1.5qt per lb at 154°?

Brewer's friend infusion calculator says i will need 8.9qt at boiling to bring the temp from 104 to 154.