NB Irish Red Extract yeast dilema

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Nov 19, 2019
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Hey folks. Looking for a bit of advice. Planning on brewing the NB Irish Red extract on Sunday. This will be my 2nd batch so obviously I’m pretty inexperienced.

I am planning on using Wyeast 1084 but after doing some reading on this strain I’m having some 2nd thoughts. I have some Safale US-05 being delivered today.

So I’m looking for input from those who have experience with these 2 strains and some advice.
What's your inhibition with Irish Ale yeast? It's the Guinness strain, if I don't have my numbers mixed up. Makes a nice malty ale at lower temps, gets a bit fruity at higher temps.

US-05 is old reliable - it'll make beer... eventually. I hate the lag time I get with dry yeasts.
From what I’ve read/seen to avoid any fruitless I need to keep temperatures below 64°F. My biggest concern is keeping the temperature low. Thinking the US-05 may be a bit more forgiving.

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