natural carbonation or force-Temp dependent??

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balto charlie

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Nov 17, 2005
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I'm very new to kegging. I've read a lot of what you guys have said but need one thing clarified. When forced carbonation is done, is refrigeration absolutely necessary or cellar temps OK. I have a chilly room that is always(in winter)reading 45-50F. I like ales served at these temps. Since I don't have a kegerator would it be ok to force carb at these temps? Will it take longer and use more CO2?? Thanks Charlie
Hey all: On further reveiw I have found "THE" carbonation chart. Seems that I can get good carbonation(2.2 vol.) w/ 12-13PSI at 45F. Perhaps a little higher when temps near 50F. This should be very doable. Serving pressure might be a problem but I'll try and get the right length and diameter hose. Do you think 8-10ft 3/16" would do it? Charlie
I use 10' of 3/16th. There is much talk about balancing your lines, but if you change the style, the balance is off again. A too short line means foam, a too long line only takes a bit more time to pour.
Yah, go long on the line. I got 20 feet of 3/16" ID at Home Depot for something insane like gosh, $2.67?

So I cut it in half and got two serving lines. I have no foam trouble with serving pressures around 10-11psi, haven't been to 12 psi yet, but it pours faster than walking home from a bar.
Thanks guys. I have some 3/16 thick wall tubing but it's only 4 ft. I'll have to stop by the LHBS. But first I have to clean out the little cold room. Charlie

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