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Jul 16, 2020
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So, what would you guys call this one?

I will call it a pale ale, but I was going for a malty ale flavor...

Grain bill is 50/50 Vienna and Pale Ale malt.
Yeast is Safale English Ale S04
Magnum to bitter 35-40 IBU
Online calc has it at an SRM of 6 and that looks spot on.
5.5 abv. I hit my OG and FG exactly.
Other than 4oz of carapils that is all that went into this brew.
I did do a yeast starter overnight and used Briess pale ale DME for the starter.
Baton Rouge (rather soft) tap water. No added classifiers or anything else.

Now, I split this into 2 batches and dry hopped them differently.
Currently in kegs - Pacific Jade and Adeena in one
Vic Secret and Centennial in the other.
I also pulled 1 gallon pre-dry hopping into bottles for a before and after taste.

This is possibly the clearest beer I have ever made. Primary only and it sat there 10 days.
So, is it a Pale Ale? Vienna 'Ale'? Light English Ale? Initial taste is amazing.
I will get a pic of one of the bottles tonight. I used clear 500 ml bottles for the gallon I pulled pre-dry hop.
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