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Okie dokie, here you go!


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Yes, which is wierd for me. Usually I post Montana pics, but my parents just sent me a bunch of pics from their latest European excursion.

Edit: I should also note that I'm looking for just the town name.
I'd say Italy, somewhere in the northern Tuscany or maybe even southern Emilia-Romagna.
The architecture is too "South Europe" even for Germany, and the rolling hills with palm tree trunks look more like the Appennines than the Alpes (Dolomites) or Pyrenees.
Italy is correct and so is Tuscany, you're getting awfully close right of the bat
The cliffside makes me think Santerini, but I don't think it has those hills.
Only vegetation is a few palm trees, flat roofs - I'm guessing North Africa somewhere.

Libya? I know there's some amazing Roman stuff there that nobody goes to much.

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