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Jan 3, 2008
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Bend, Oregon
So I am going to be a name dropper here for a second.

I have been working for a few months with a brewer at Deschutes Brewery, on a non-cider project, and I am headed down there today to work on that but also bringing a sample of cider for him to give me advice on. It fermented really fast. About 8 days I think. I am fairly sure it has stopped but I don't have a hydrometer. He'll measure the SG for me and the ABV. The airlocks have shown no signs of bubbling lately after going like mad for about 6 days, with a day on either side of moderate bubbling. I started on the 2nd of Jan. and it was all over by the 10th. Is it normal that it would've fermented out so fast? Is it because I added no additional sugar? Hmmm. . .
Well I fermented my Cider, just pure cider from the press, with 3 yeasts: Ale, Wine, and natural. The Ale finished first, the Wine next and then the natural. This was at around 65 °F, and took about oh I dunno 2 weeks? It is fast with your yeast but not unheard of I suppose. It also depends on your OG and what temperature you fermented at. So it is fast, but I don't think it is unheard of.