My yeast had a party without me

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Nov 13, 2006
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St Louis MO
I recently (finally) got a second fermenter, and went with the better bottle that everyone clamors about. Up until now, I had never actually seen a fermentation. I had seen everyones cool video's of yeast going crazy and really felt like I was missing out. Also, I have had an interest in the ongoing debate about dry vs liquid yeast. Although I am sure that if you are making a beer with little yeast character, that you could use dry yeast as opposed to liquid yeast and be perfectly fine, I still always used liquid yeast. WL American Ale yeast is sort of my default yeast. I use it for English Ales as well as American Ales. I still have plenty of it washed and ready to go, but I thought I would give Nottingham a whirl. My ESB is a very good beer, and I know how it typically turns out, so I figured this would be a good beer to run "the experiment" with

So anyway, brewed yesterday, everything went fine, pitched my Nottingham yeast and set that bad boy in the 60 degree basement. I checked on it before I went to bed, which was about 7 hours after brewing, and fermentation appeared to have started with a .25" krausen layer. However, not much else was going on, no yeast party, no churning, just a little krausen with a few bubbles. This morning I woke up, and like any good homebrewer, I went to check on my creation. Again, a very smally maybe .25" krausen, some small churning, but certainly not the very active fermentations I have seen on Youtube and the like. However, along with this, there was also a very noticeable 3-4" krausen ring above the remaining krausen. So, I believe my yeast had a party without me. I didnt take a reading, I am letting it sit 7 days anyways, but I would imagine fermentation is ~75% done in less than 24 hours.

Oh well, there is always next time.


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Aug 12, 2007
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Marietta, GA
I had a kit with nottingham in a 5gal carboy with blow off tube and by the 2nd day it was pumping lots of bubbles threw the tube into a bucket..... very strong smell of chlorine in the whole basement (68 deg F).