My yeast adventures this weekend

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Jul 16, 2020
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Cleaning the beer fridge, I found a pack of WLP810 San Francisco yeast. Perfect, I have some pilsen malt and ready for a steam beer.
Oh damn. Best by Oct 2020. This was in the fridge when we lost power for 5 days last August. Got nothing to lose. Get flask, make starter, pour it in, stir, wait and...nothing.

Ok, next, a jar of washed yeast. Hey, gonna clean out the Fridge one way or the other. WLP007. Ok, change recipe, got ingredients, get flask, pour yeast in...nothing.
2 for 2 dagnabbit.

Next, K97 washed. I remember this batch. Pushed the air lock right out. 3rd times the charm...NOT.

Well, 1 jar left. Voss I harvested several months ago. I open it up and it has pressure in the jar - confidence is high. Not even a teaspoon is in there. New flash, new starter and wife must think I'm flashing back to high school chemistry with all the flasks in the second bathroom.

That darn thing takes off like a rocket. 24 hours later I pour the 1lt into my 2.5 gallon fermentor with my brew and it takes off.

Last time I used Voss it stopped about 1.016 and I never knew why. Hoping for better results and after all my trial and error, at least the beer fridge is clean.