my very first beer:)

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Mar 5, 2009
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Richmond, VA
It seems like it took forever but last nite I popped the top on my first homebrew!!!!! It was delicious! I am very satisfied. It was an English Nut Brown made with extract and specialty grains. I have already moved on to partial mash and that should be ready in a little over a week. I cant wait to brew more!:mug:
I've got my 1st in the bottle for a week now. It's gonna be hard to wait 2:ban:more weeks.
Good job, I am still drinking my first brew. I made it for my Super Bowl Party, and its hard not to finish them off. I would like to save some to see how long in the bottle is best for the beer. Congrads.
Two of my freinds and I are splitting 5 gal batches so it will not take long to finish them off. We put a hurtin on them last nite!! Goin to brew a Big Sky amber tomarrow, got a Belgian wit in secondary fermintation, English nut brown conditioning in the bottle now, and have english nut brown in the fridge. I am a happy camper right now! I want to do a good american ipa and an oatmeal stout soon. Anyone got any good partial mash recipes for either? Or somthin you really like to suggest:):drunk:
Nice, gratz! I'm a year in and still on the same type of brewing. Plan on going PM in a month or so, next brew session. :mug: