My top cropped kviek yeast has foam layer on top?

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Apr 15, 2021
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I have top cropped Skare Kviek yeast and let it settle in the fridge for 48 hours.
It looks like the yeast has settled out to the bottom but there is a foamy layer on top of the liquid still.
I've been saving yeast for a year now (never kviek) and never have seen foam like this, any idea what that is?

Here is the strain
Farmhouse yeast registry

I can post photos if need be.

Should i just scoop it off or is that something i need to keep?

Thanks for your time :)

Gilbert Spinning Horse

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May 28, 2018
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It's probably just foam from where it continued fermenting. Don't chuck it away because it probably does have yeast in it, just give it a swirl round and it'll become incorporated into the beer. I always make sure the lid of the jar is loose for the first few days in the fridge due to the continued fermentation and it usually needs several swirls to get everything floating on top to drop down. Funnily enough I just finished drying some top cropped Skare this weekend myself.