My Second French Beer

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Feb 25, 2010
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Elkhart, IN
Well I've tried my second French Beer, Belzebuth! I've gotta say it's pretty darned good with a 13% ABV kick.

Medium bodied, smoot, definite presence of the alcohol. Thoughoddly enough for such a high ABV beer it doesn't come across as a barely wine at all. Most every beer I've tried 10% and up, even if they don't say it, have the official character of a barely wine.

And apparently the ATF has either changed their policies or have different guidelines for imports. As right on the neck of the bottle is a big 13% ABV sticker. The last time I looked into it the ATF didn't allow highlighting or using ABV as a selling point. Which was enough of a responsible common sense rule I didn't think would change.

My first French beer was Fischer's which I thought was pretty good. Belzebuth though, makes me want to see more French beers on the shelf.

My only trepidation about being totally into this beer, is if they use additional sugars to up the ABV rather than malt. Which would probably explain why it doesn't come across as a barely wine. I don't like the idea of adding sugar just to kick up ABV so I don't know how it affects finished beer.

Even if they just add sugar, Belzebuth will probably be my beer guilty pleasure.