My room that will soon include the bar :)

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Jan 27, 2005
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Kalamazoo MI
For the last 2.5 years, since i bought the place, this room was nothing,I ripped up the floor and then it became a storage , About 2 weeks ago I decided to do something with it, since I had tax money and my bonus money, so I bought my aunts pool table :D The rooms not finished yet, as it will eventually include a bar, 32" TV and more pictures/mirrors on the walls.I have to trim it out still too... Also coming is a deck off the slider....Cant wait to have summer parties.


Very nice. I don't own a home yet, but I have dreams of my bar room. I am a cabinetmaker, and I'm thrilled at the idea of building a bar. Fun stuff. Good luck with it! (is that brick wallpaper?)
Sweet! It's got potential--and a good start with the pool table. :D

That's my ultimate dream as well. I've been collecting bar paraphenalia for as long as I can remember, in hopes of doing the same thing. I wish I had some woodworking skills so I could make my own bar. I've already made up the floorplan of what I want, I just don't have the knowledge to do it!
Good luck with yours!!!

Rightwing--they sell that brick wall covering at Lowe's/Home Depot here. I think that stuff is cool as hell. I'm gonna do the same thing with mine.....I want the dark pub look and that brick look fits nicely with the motif.... :cool:
Yeah, its like brick paneling . It was already up when i moved in along with the paneling. I like it because it feels like a pub. Ive been looking at how to build a bar sites but I think Im just going to buy a pre fabbed one for now. I dont want to get to extravagent with it. I only plan to live here for like 3-4 more years. My next house i want to have a big open basement and have more room to put in a nice wet bar. Plus whoever buys this house may not want the bar back there......