my O.G. is always light...

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Mar 5, 2009
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Oakland, CA
I'm frustrated because this is my 3rd brew and once again my O.G. is light. This time it was 1.04 and the recipe says 1.061.

It's a partial boil, starting at 3 gallons, and into a glass carboy. I tried to layer water, wort, water, wort, and gave the carboy a good shaking, but I guess I still can't mix it up enough to get a good reading. When I look at the carboy, I can see that it is lighter at the top than at the bottom (I pull the measurement from the top).

Is there anything I can do to get a better reading? I want to be able to calculate my ABV correctly! Plus I want to know if I'm actually doing things right. Maybe I'm watering down my beer and I don't even realize that I am, or maybe I'm not boiling it hot enough, or... who knows? Plus I'm just the kind of person who likes stats, so getting a good O.G. is satisfying to me.