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Dec 28, 2007
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Marion. Va
Hey folks,

I'm already drinking the Light Ale that came with my brew kit from, and as soon as I had an empty carboy, I jumped to AG & made AHS double Chocolate Stout & a Nut Brown Ale for morebeer. I promised SWMBO I'd make her some of Edworts aphelwine & a pumpkin ale. I've also got Rouge Shakespere Stout & an Imperial Proter on deck, but am looking for suggestions of must try beer. Needless to say I like stouts & porters, but am really enjoying the Light Ale that came with my set-up. Any suggestions? I don't feel comfy buying materials yet, so I need a kit, and I also have no LHBS store with-in 150 miles, so It's all internet realated stuff for me now.

thanks & cheers
Most kits you really cant go wrong with, so I would browse and pick something you think you would like in regards to style.

If you do decide to try out a non-kit recipe go here

Orfy's Hobgoblin, Cheese's CCA, and Edworts Haus Pale always seem to get great reviews and probably fall under a "must brew" category.
What kind of access do you have to decent commercial beer? It can be difficult to figure out what to brew sometimes, so the best bet is just to try something commercially, and if you like the style, go for it.

I'd say try some of the lighter colored beers, and maybe an IPA and see if anything is something you'd want to drink more of.

Good Luck.
My access to commercial beer is crappy at best. Just whatever Kroger or Food city sells. One gas station in town has a few Rouge beers, which I love. Any suggestions for an IPA? I travel alot, so I have had a lot of exposure to micro brews, and in all honesty, haven't met a style that I don't like, hell, even Lambics aren't totally bad to me.
I'm thinking: IPA, then some Aphelwine, then maybe try my habd at a real pale ale, I've never been fond of them, but then again, never tried that many.

For commercial IPA's available on a fairly broad basis I'd recommend Dogfish Head 60min IPA, and if you want something stronger try their 90min IPA. There are some decent IPA recipes in the recipe forum.