my new brew room ,what a difference already

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Jan 28, 2017
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Good morning all and may I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving today.
I work construction and last summer i had the good fortune of one of my work tasks was to remove from the Toyota engine plant , a "group house", which is a meeting or break room wall panel system consisting of 2 sheets of vinyl skinned drywall / sheetrock sandwiched around a 2 1/2 inch slab of styrofoam. very sturdy , heavy and excellent sound and temperature insulating properties, it is joined with extruded aluminum "wall studs"that the panels slide into a wall and floor track , much like a metal stud frame only the panels slide between the studs rather than fastened to the face of them. . When we removed it , my boss said if i had any use for it I could have it otherwise it was going straight in the trash dumpster. My thought immediately was yes, my basement brewing (mostly storage, preparation and fermentation) room . Last 2 days I had my son help me finally transform the open corner of the basement into a dedicated closed off 9'6" x 12' room with a swing door . Fortunately the houses hvac duct system runs through it so i can now access a little heat or a/c as i need to maintain a steady temp during fermentation. Now winters wont be so cold and summers wont be so hot and the seasons between wont swing temps so much . i can now expand my yeast selections further from seasonal as i had been. I'll be running electric to the room , mainly 120v ac ,and lights of course. Already this morning the room is noticeably warmer than the rest of the basement.


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Mar 19, 2021
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@Soulshine2 that's awesome. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours today. I am also in the construction business. We remodel beach homes on the Gulf coast. I have saved many items that I adapted to my brewery. I recently acquired a Wolf commercial exhaust hood. Its new life will be to exhaust steam from over my HLT and BK. I am hoping to get my hands on a small walk in cooler. The panels you got will serve you well for many years to come. Happy brewing.