My hop score for the day - hopefully not the last

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May 8, 2007
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Nashua, NH
Since I have a few pounds of hops in the freezer I haven't been paying too much attention to the latest status of the hop shortage. Wasn't until today when I started catching up on current events. Last time I was paying attention it was bad enough, prices were doubled from usual, but it wasn't yet a real SHORTAGE like it is now. Seeing hopsdirect not selling ANY hops on their website today scared the s**t out of me.

After spending 2007 gradually building up my brewing equipment arsenal (and experience), and finally getting to the point where I am really pleased with my gear and process and ready to step it up and brew a lot more, I am NOT interested in having to cut down on brewing due to shortage of hops...

I remembered that my crappy little LHBS hadn't updated the prices on their existing stock of hops, and were only increasing the prices on the new ones that they got in. So, there was still a lot of old stock priced under $1.50 an ounce. I hate to be "that guy" who cleans out the discount bin, but after today I couldn't resist. I tried to stick to varieties that had the most stock, so I wasn't cleaning them out of any one type. It resulted in me buying a fair number of hops I've never used, and know pretty much nothing about. My haul:

2oz bramling cross 6.0% $0.99/oz
2oz german hallertau 3.2% $1.20/oz
1oz cluster 6.8% $0.99/oz
2oz northern brewer US 6.4% $1.09/oz
2oz galena 13.1% $0.85/oz
4oz Amarillo 7.0% $1.49/oz
4oz UK challenger 7.5% $1.49/oz
2oz UK first gold 8.5% $1.09/oz
2oz Mt. Hood 3.7% $1.15/oz
4oz czech saaz 3.2% $1.19/oz

25oz total
Average: $1.22/oz
Not sure how old they are..but Sazz, Amarillo, hallertau ..Are all hard to I would say that is a nice score..If they are dated check the AA on them and adjust the brews.

you can only buy 2oz at my LHBS and that is ONLY if you enough grains / malt to make a batch of beer
Evets said:
My LHBS has a 1# bag of Saaz he'll sell me for $14.50 I think maybe I oughta grab it.
Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Even if you didn't need that much saaz I'm sure some other homebrewer would be more than happy to buy some off you.