My Hombrewing article from Wed

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Congrats chris! You were the talk at my office today (we're 30+ electrical engineers)...that partial photo of your basement left me jealous and counting down the days to buying my own house where the basement can be an all-grain paradise (currently only 25 years old.) Keep up the good work and I suggest retiring early to be a brewer, you've clearly got the touch for it!
So this morning my wife wakes me up and says, hey they are interviewing this homebrewer on the 6:00 channel 10 news (Philly station). I watched about a 5 minute segment on a local brewer and his wonderful achievements and his gold win at the GABF, I think they referred to it as "the Super Bowl of beer making" and "he even beat the likes of Miller and Bud". I thought it was a good clip and you represented yourself and brewing well. Next time ask for the evening news so I can sleep in...

Congrats man.
Decent article, but the reporter made several factual errors. His description of an immersion chiller is incorrect, unless you wrap your IC around your brewpot. There were a few more errors too.
Wow, really nice article. Congrats! I don't have a beard - or any facial hair for that matter. I don't have a beer belly; I have more of a "beer spare tire".