My ghetto blowoff tube!

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Jul 30, 2007
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Well, I am in the middle of my first lager/ bock. I got a chest style freezer from my mother-in-law, a ranco from e-bay, and my electrician brother "will wire for beer". Brewed my Shiner Bock clone Saturday night. After I finally got the wort cooled down and pitched, I put it in the new lagerator. PROBLEM!! No room for an airlock!! Best I could come up with was this:

I took my trusty sawsall and cut the stem off of 1 airlock, inserted half into my stopper, and the other half into a short piece of tubing I had laying around. Then I put some vodka in my white labs vial. Fits just perfect between the primary handle and bucket! Gurgling away just fine now.

I have the temp probe of the ranco dangling in the middle of the chest, temp set at 52, using WL German Bock 833.

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