My First Post, how's my recipe?

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Apr 28, 2010
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greenfield, ma
I have just made my first batch of all grain in 5 years, i based my batch off of a sierra nevada clone recipe but i changed it by accident when doubling some ammounts.

here is what i did

25 lbs of 2 row and
3.25 lbs crystal 60

mashed at 160 for an hour (not the intended temperature of 155 but will do)

158 degrees after the hour, i sparged at exactly 164 (sparge water being
175 and my cooler was really maintaining the heat

1 oz magnum 60 min
1 oz perle 30 min
4 oz cascade 10 min
2 oz cascade 0 min (this was the other mistake, i intended to have 2oz at 10min and 4 oz of cascade at boil out.)

i am using one tube of white labs american ale that I made into a yeast starter 24 hours ago, the yeast starter was made of 1 gallon of water, one pound of light Dry malt extract boiled for 20 minutes and cooled before adding yeast.

1 started with a total of 14.5 gallons, made 12 gallons of wort initially and after an hour was left with closer to 11 gallons of beer, perfect for 2 six gallon carboys.

1.060 before the boil cooled to 90 degrees
1.081 initial gavity after boil cooled to 90 degrees

7 or 8 days in the fermenter? maybe 7.5 percent alchohol when done.

what does everyone think?
will it be like a sierra nevada or will the hops schedule change make it for bitter like an esb.


Make that 14-21 days in the fermenter and you got a deal :) ... 7 will be way too short for this brew, too much chance of fusal alcohols, let 'er sit another week or two, you will be happy you did.
That 10 min addition will give you a lil' more bitterness but much more flavor, which is a good thing in my book. You can dry hop w/ 2 extra oz's to make up for the 2 oz's you missed at 0 addition.
Yes, 14-21 days in the primary, I never primary for less than 21 days. Fusel alcohols are the alcoholy smelling alcohols that can form from certain fermentation conditions and naturally - they can cause headaches and I really don't like getting a headache from my homebrew. There are other issues like diacetyl and other possible off flavors (depending upon the style some of these are desired) that the longer fermentation can 'fix'. Yeast are remarkable and if you leave them alone long enough they can turn all the bad flavors and chemicals into really good ones. You can read through a lot of 'proper length of primary' posts on here and find that many of us wait 14-21 days, even longer with no ill effects, and quite the opposite, great results.

I'm not telling you to leave it for 4 months but 3 weeks is just fine :)