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Nov 27, 2007
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westlake village, ca
This is my first labeled beer because it's the first beer that I have brewed worth giving away. You old dudes like me will get the reference to Bonanza. Others can Google. I'll probably make them in color when I figure out how to network to my wifes Mac and her color printer. It's nothing special, but I am pretty jazzed. It's a racer 5 clone.

I removed pic because it was pointed out that it might be offensive to some.
Im not easily offended, maybe you could just post a link and put a warning? I'd like to see it.
If you finally do post the label somewhere, it better be mighty gol darn offensive, or I'm going to be offended after all this hype.
Was this the label with HopSing on it?

Anyone remember the Michael Landon interview on Johnny Carson 15 years or so ago? He was asked, wasn't it strange all those guys on the Bonanza ranch and no women. Landon replied, it was rumoured that that we were gay, but that was absolutley false...Thank God Hopsing was though....:D