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Nov 2, 2012
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Hello All -
Just finished my first brew ever and couldn't be more excited. I wanted to outline my process & thoughts in hops to maybe help other newbies and receive some constructive criticism to make my process better. Here goes:
I used Brooklyn Brew Kit 1 gallon coffee & donut stout). I did change the directions a little as I wanted to use a modified BIAB method which allowed me to mash in more water.
Started 5:30 pm
- Heated my main mash of 4 quarts pot to 160*F, turned heat off and added the grains. Had to add heat x2 throughout process, temps ranged from 144-152*F
- 6:47 mash out --> pre-heated 1 quart to ~170*, dunked my bag in that pot, and then combined that water into main pot. I proceeded to run my wort through the grains to help filter and gain the left over sugars.
- 7:00: raise wort to boil; the following is the countdown from 60 min (per directions):
60: add 1/3 hops (all challenger)
45: 1/6 hops
30: 1/6 hops
20: pinch of coconut flakes
15: 1/6 hops
10: 1/4 cup ground coffee
5: remaining hops
0: heat off and addition of 1/3 cup light brown sugar.
- Ice bath/cold crash initiated @ 8:20, with target temp of 70* @ 8:40.
- transferred to 1 gal jug from main pot; placed jug and blow-off tube in rectangle igloo cooler with water @ 60*F (temporary fermenter)
- Process completed 8:50 pm :tank:

So that is/was my process. Some notes I took immediately after: I had to add ~20 oz of tap water to the jug to meet my 1 gallon mark. Tasting the wort after the cold break: definitely tasted sweet, but a little bitter as well (coffee?). No bubbling seen immediately from the blow-off tube in sanitizer, but from reading I understand this may not happen until 24+ hours. I did notice some suck back in to the blow off tube.
Well that's t! Any comments or constructive criticism is welcomed to improve my process. This was a blast, and a lot of work for 1 gallon! But can't wait to bottle & eventually taste in a few weeks. Happy Brewing!!


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Sep 3, 2012
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looks good, my only criticism would be primary fermentation in a 1 gallon jug, not a lot of room for krausen,
You should consider getting a 2 gallon fermentation bucket for future 1 gallon batches and save the jug for secondary.