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May 3, 2008
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I just got into fermenting within the last two months or so. My frienf=d told me I could do it with nothing more than welch's grape juice and fleischhman's rapid rise. I tried it, it worked, and now I'm hooked.
I'm now doing a 5 gallon batch, this time with frozen apple juice concentrate. I diluted my concentrate until my hydrometer read about 13-14% potential alchohol (I had to dilute 1 gallon at a time, my equipment and workspace are both limited, so this number is an estimate.) , adding 1/4 cup organic molasses and about 1 cup of organic honey. I'm using ec-1118 white wine/champagne/cider yeast, which I've read has an alchohol tolerance of about 11.5% ( I'm obviously not going for a classic cider style, this is more of a rough experiment than anything, but my first real-sized batch, nonetheless). I left it to ferment for 11 days, then racked to my secondary fermenter today. Took a little taste, it seems to be going great.
I live in a farm town, so I'm looking forward to autumn when I will be able to get fresh-pressed juice. Thinking about making a dry sparkling green apple cider next. Any suggestions on any of this? Interested in your thoughts. Thanks![/RIGHT]

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