my cheapo mash tun question

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Jan 3, 2005
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Clebland, OH
i need some advice guys...

i got the cooler, the bulkhead and ballvavle set up...holds water, no leaks :)

i have pvc piping to make a manifold from an old job, but i gotta find a fitting to join the pvc to the bulkhead which is a 1/2 female pipe opening basically... i'm certian i can rig something up.

or i can just go buy some stainless steel screen like for your windows, roll it up and make my owne bazooka screen, feck me if i'm paying 16 bucks for that thing, it amounts to a whole batch of beer cost wise...:) and clamp it to the union or to a 1/2 male pipe fitting and screw it in.

thoughts on which is better in terms of promoting a good grain bed?


since the cooler has the drain at the very bottom, i'm also toying with a simple circular screen cut to fit in the bottom of the cooler... there would be a gentle slope up towards the top of the bulk head but it would be like a huge filter.

thoughts on that simplest of solutions?
I'd do the bazooka way. I say that because I don't think PVC is rated for heat or food grade. Don't you generally do the DWV side of a plumbing job in PVC, but the delivery side in copper or CPVC or something rated for heat and food grade?

If you use something food grade and heat tolerant (maybe I'm wrong about PVC) then it's six in one half dozen the other. Sounds like you've got all the right thoughts.
i think you are right... the pvc piping upon second look, has some ink markings on the side of it.. that mentions a 78 degrees F max temp to expose it to, so it will not work... and i really don't want to mess with that glue.

metal screen here i come... :D

now i need another carboy, cause none of the full carboys are ready to bottle. :eek: