My carboy is too big...

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Feb 6, 2009
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Due to inadequate planning on my part, i will soon have 5 gallons of wine that i have to rack and my only other carboy is 6 gallons. Will the extra air inside create any problems? I've read some stuff about topping off with a similar, already finished wine. Is this going to be nessicary for me?
Yes you can top up with a similar wine or a wine you like, also you can put clean sanitized marbles in the carboy to take up the extra room.
Good luck
I did the same thing, but I bought a less expensive kit my first time around to make sure I worked my way through any bugs. Wife is having a glass now, kinda watered down, because I only had 2 bottles of wine to add, so I had to top off with water.

Live and learn...

Second batch I used a 5 gallon carboy, my third will require marbles because its still bulk ageing. Good luck

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