My Belgian Wit....

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Jan 27, 2005
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Kalamazoo MI
I brewed it on Sunday......its the first time ive brewed this and it seems to be going great. I would show you some pictures if my g/f didnt leave the camera at her bros :( .......This is the first batch ive used a 6.5 gal carboy for a fermenter and its awesome. Before i went to work this morning, there was some bubbles on the top , and i came home and theres like 3-4 inches of foam on the top and a bubble every 2 seconds...Its been 24 hrs since the yeast was pitched, I really hope this thing doesnt blow the air lock!! Carboys own buckets! I can't wait to drink this stuff.
Sounds like its going well, I just brewed yesterday and kept it pretty simple with 5.5 pounds wheat dme and 3 oz of Saaz. I had a raging starter with some wyeast american wheat and man, this thing had the airlock popping 2-3 times a second. Real excited about this one
Oh, and I meant to add...a lot of y'all seem to think that Blue Moon is the end-all Belgian Wit. That stuff is the Budweiser of Wit. Get yourself some Hoegaarden Wit, Blanche De Bruges or Celis White and see what it's *really* all about. You'll never touch Blue Moon again ;)

In any event, I think when you taste your homemade Wit, it'll be a LOT better than Blue Moon, and you'll just make your own Wit from now on! Cheers! :D
You're probably right Janx....I haven't tried any other wits yet besides the blue moon. Cant wait til its done. Its still fermenting pretty good though, but settling down..

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