My Beer tastes like a cup of Columbian coffee

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Aug 12, 2007
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I made a DFH 90min clone. It is now six weeks old and tastes like a cup of columbian coffee. Very thick and creamy texture wise and has a very distinct coffee flavor. This is obviously a batch gone wrong, but yet tases very good and has a kick like a mule! (8.8%abv) I am wondering what went wrong or what may have happened to make this flavor combo happen. I get the feeling that caramelization of some sugars is playing a big part, but can't say what else is playing a part. What ever happened it is a very interesting flavor and is in no way bad tasting, if you are a coffee lover as I am.
Sounds kind of cool, in a "try not to do it again" sort of way. Of course, I love coffee.
No heat up just from the tap at 39f. It turned out weird for sure and this is strike three. I have made this beer three times and it has never turned out right so I think I will not be trying again. I think I'll stick to simpler beers that turn out how they are suposed too.
I would give that some serious time before I considered it bad. You said it was 6 weeks old, is that from brew day, or from the day it was kegged?

A beer with that much alc, and that much hops (it is a hoppy beer right?) needs some SERIOUS conditioning time. I would say 12 weeks from brewday minimum.

Agreed! This was first sample stuff 6 weeks from brew day. I will continue to let it condition though I don't expect it will taste as it should in the end. However I will let it sit in the keg and taste periodically to see how it's coming along.