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Oct 29, 2007
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Attention Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Dauphin, and Chester county brewers:

The short version:

We are excited to announce a brand new collaboration competition with Mad Chef. They brew the wort, you add to it, and ferment and age it however you like. Turn your resulting beer in and have it judged by the brewers. One lucky winner will have the chance to recreate their beer at the brewery. Sign up online before May 18th at

The long version:

The wizards @ Mad Chef brew wort. You ferment it. A competition is held. Winners are crowned.

How to enter:

Sign up online by May 18th at noon.
(Maximum 2 entries per person.)

You must pick up your wort within your assigned time slot on Saturday May 19th.

If you cannot be present to obtain your wort during this time, you must make arrangements for someone else to pick up your share. If your wort is not picked up during your time slot, you forfeit your entry. Please note, no speecial arrangements will be made for storing wort for later pick up. Someone must pick up your wort within your designated time frame on Saturday May 19th or you will lose your wort.

Wort must be picked up in a clean and sanitized suitable container. This can be a bucket with lid, carboy, stainless fermenter, keg or whatever. The only requirements are that the container be foodsafe and sanitized and capable of transporting wort offsite.

What you do:

Take your volumes of wort home, add yeast and any other ingredients, hops, etc that you wish to use to enhance, ferment and age the base wort. Process, package and carbonate the resulting beer as you normally would.

Submit 2 bottles of each entry (regardless of bottle size) on July 21st or 22nd between the hours of 12-4PM. All entries MUST be dropped of at Mad Chef on one of these two dates. Bottles may be 12oz, 16oz, or 22oz, with swing-top or regular caps. Bottles will not be returned after the competition. Due to storage limitations, please do not bring entires in earlier than the specified dates. Each bottle submitted must contain a printed label with the required information listed below. Fillable forms will be available for download soon. You must print or type each entry's information and adhere one label to each bottle submitted.

REQUIRED INFO ON ENTRY LABELS: Brewer's Name / Email / Beer Name / Category (Traditional, Hoppy, Fruit/Spice or Experimental) / Short description of ingredients and processes

Judging & Prizes

Judging will take place after all entries have been received. First, second and third place winners will be chosen by the juding panel based on execution, harmony of flavors and overall enjoyableness. Judges ratings are final and non-contestable. One entry will be selected as the Brewers' Choice winner and that beer will be reproduced and tapped by the brewery at a time conducive to their schedule.

Awards Ceremony and Tasting Party

Winners will be announced at Lancaster Couty Brewers' July meeting taking place at Mad Chef on Tuesday July 31st from 7-9PM. All participants are encouraged to bring samples of their entries to share at this meeting and will be given the opportunitiy to discuss their added ingredients and processes with others in attendance.

The Base Recipe:
80% 2-row
10% Wheat
10% Red X

Mash temp: 152F

15 IBU Cascade Bitter
5 IBU Cascade Flavor

OG 1057

(Subject to change due to cost or availability of ingredients. Any changes to the recipe will be posted here prior to wort pick up day. Thank you for your understanding.)

A Note About Categories

Unlike a typical competition, this contest only has FOUR possible categories. The categories are
Traditional, Hoppy, Fruit/Spice or Experimental. You must designate one of these four categories for each entry.

Traditional. If you make a straight-forward beer that is not hop-centric and contains no fruit or unusual ingredients, this is your category. Think pale ale, cream ale, Irish red, etc.

Hoppy. If you turn your wort into a hop-heavy beer such as any variant of IPA use this category.

Fruit/Spice. If your tranformation includes the use of any fruit, fruit extract or spices of any kind, please enter in this category even if it might also fit in another category.

Experimental. You know who you are. Golden glitter carrot beers go here.


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Dec 14, 2007
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